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The Arts Academy’s mission is to foster artistic talent in our students by offering targeted training and opportunities within a creative environment, thereby preparing them for higher education and professions in the arts. The academy is open to all students grades 5 through 12 through audition and will offer music, art, dance, drama and digital/media art courses to students at all five district schools.


  • Music

    • Students will receive advanced instruction in instrumental and choral music from 5th to 12th grade, with numerous performance opportunities and after school programs.
  • Art

    • Visual art experiences begin in elementary school and continue through middle and high school, with expanded semester and AP course selections available in a variety of media like ceramics and painting.
  • Dance

    • Fifth grade students will take weekly dance classes, then be invited to choose between a variety of middle and high school courses for intensive training during the school day.
  • Drama

    • Training for the stage is provided weekly in 5th grade, then expands into daily classes at the middle and high school. Performance and technical theater training will be available for all high school students, who will perform two full theater productions each year at the BCPAC.
  • Digital/Media Art

    • Primarily geared toward middle and high school students, digital/media art courses focus on photography, video editing, web development, advertising, design and promotion.

Faculty and Facilities

Instruction will be provided by certified, full-time faculty in art, drama, dance, vocal and instrumental music at the elementary, middle and high school levels during the school day. Classes will be held at all five district schools, as well as the Boyle County Performing Arts Center, a 500-seat, state-of-the-art facility that is equipped to host school, community-based and professional performances.

Seal of Arts Excellence

High school students may choose to pursue the Kentucky Department of Education’s Seal of Arts Excellence by completing a series of 3-4 courses and a culminating project in a specific art form. This program will prepare students for auditions of various types and guide them toward college readiness in the arts.

Guidance + Auditions

Middle and high school arts academy students will receive early scheduling and registration supervised by a specific arts academy designated advisor. Interested students may complete an application and audition for the arts academy in the spring or fall. Students who have already been identified as Gifted and Talented in the Arts do not need to audition. Once accepted, students need not apply again.

The deadline for current Boyle County students to complete the application for spring semester auditions is February 9. Spring semester auditions will be February 21-22. These auditions are reserved for students that are looking to gain acceptance to the Arts Academy for the first time.

Fall semester audition will be held on August 1. These auditions are reserved for students already in the Arts Academy that desire to be acceptance in additional disciplines. The deadline to apply for will be July 19.  


Jimmy Cornn
Arts Academy Director
859.236.6634, ext 3192

Sid Woolcott
Administrative Assistant
859.236.6634, ext 3191